"I was so self-conscious of my teeth, I covered my mouth when I laughed and hid my smile in pictures. It was really affecting my confidence. Dr. Hayman worked closely with the dental lab to make sure the custom crowns were made with the natural look I desired. Her gentle and kind manner put me at ease and I chose the perfect dentist to handle my case. I love my new smile"

Mae Kingery

"When I was younger, I had a horrible experience with a dentist that left me fearful. Coming to Dr. Hayman's office was the best decision. I can't say enough good things about her knowledge, bedside manner, and kind and helpful staff. They make me feel comfortable and safe. My husband and kids see Dr. Hayman because it's so important that my kids don't develop the anxiety I had. She has made visits so positive and fun for my 3 and 6 year old!”

Rebekah O'Brien

"I had a crown from another dentist come off, and Dr. Hayman saw me immediately. I was dreading the process but Dr. Hayman had the technology to make the new crown in-house, did the whole thing in one visit and eliminated the extra steps of wearing a temporary crown. It was painless and efficient and I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Hayman!!"

Brian Hammett

“Dr. Hayman makes you feel comfortable during any procedure.  She explains what she's doing each step of the way. She's the BEST dentist with both professional dental skills and an excellent personality (knowledgeable and pleasant). If you are looking for the BEST dentist, look no further than Dr. Johnna Hayman."

Les Stoltzfus

"Even after whitening and straightening my teeth for years, I was still unhappy with my smile. I wanted that "celebrity smile". Dr. Hayman really listened during my consult. She was able to do veneers without grinding down my natural teeth and we Zoom whitened the rest of my teeth. When I looked in the mirror, I cried. I finally had the smile I always wanted. Thank you Dr. Hayman for everything!"

Richard Schwartz

“In over 50 years of dental care, Dr. Hayman is the best dentist I have seen.    She is engaging, efficient and professional.  What I value most besides her excellent clinical skills is her consistent and clear communication prior to and during procedures.  She is a perfectionist in all her work and makes me feel valued as her patient.  I am very grateful for Dr. Hayman and would highly recommend her."

Ruth Kortebein

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